Top Business principles for success – Part 2

  • your business culture.
  • Focus on high standards; always strive to enhance your standards.
  • The flow of information into the organization should have complete clarity. The vision of the top bosses or the founders, deadlines, important tasks, culture all should be conveyed with clarity till the bottom of the Hierarchy. In a small business, this is missing and their businesses get converted into wandering businesses. The way you communicate is also vital.
  • Team Building is very important. : Make your team strong and make them realize they are working towards making their customers happy. Their motive should be towards more and more customer satisfaction. Make them have belongingness towards the company. Make them think like an entrepreneur. Conduct regular meetings wherein ask them to come up with better ideas to improve the functioning of the company. Include rewards and gains to keep them engaged. It’s not just their actions also their mind and thought process to be active and should be enhanced. (a strong team is what makes a company stronger)
  • There is a fine difference between what is right and what is possible. The focus should be on what is right. What is possible will not let you think of solutions and can make you settle for lesser standards. A mind which creates problems can never try to work out a solution.
  • Help your team to enhance what they are good at, educate them, help to learn or develop skills in their respective domain.
  • Bet on big Ideas; allow your people to think and come up with great ideas, with details of how to execute, why to execute, pros and cons.
  • Adopt technology where ever possible, technology is what can make you always feel updated and can help you to scale the business.
  • People have all the right to disagree with the founders. If they disagree then they have to commit to the outcome.
  • Bring continuous changes in your business surroundings with contributions from your team members.

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