Hi there, I am

Sai Poorna

A serial entrepreneur , angel investor in startups , Mentor to start ups, and a crypto lover.  He has been an early investor in Cryptos since 2015.  Attended several conferences related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Avid book reader and travelled to 45 countries.  Coached 1200 people so far into crypto investing.

My Interests
Book Reading

Startups Sai Poorna Invested In


Vested is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser which gives you access to the US equity market to invest and trade.its a Zero Commission US Investing For
Indian Investors


Zubi is a course to career platform for students and professionals alike. We are an exciting place to work within the emerging technology space, our mission is to fundamentally reshape people’s journey from learning to earning.


One app for all kinds of entertainment purpose in Haryanvi: Haryanvi Songs & Comedy, , Haryanvi Video, Haryanvi Folk Dance, Ragni Music, Haryanvi Singers, Latest Haryanvi Video Songs


Rapawalk is an online brand that offers a personalized service of creating your own shoes. At the heart of our bespoke service is the relationship between the customer and our craftsman who passionately serve to fulfill each customer’s shoe desire become a reality


A dedicated social investing platform bringing together your crypto conversations and investments under one roof.

Books actually gives you immense strength. You feed your brain each day with some knowledge.  I believe in Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. Every book will give you some thing positive to take back. I always wait to grab a book. I always carry books where ever I travel, so you get to read them in cafe’s , airports etc.