We neglect the society in which we live. There is so much disguise around us especially for the kids. Around 25 years back when I had nothing, I started supporting an orphanage by collecting donations from my known people. And we still support them and connected my suppliers and clients to assist these kids. 

You don’t have to wait in life to get retired or achieve something and then give back to society; all can go hand in hand. I am glad I started so early and am still associated with this orphanage which is in the name of Samarpan Sansthan in Jaipur.

We have destroyed our earth completely and I feel pity. People now look for destinations or resorts where they can have greenery and natural beauty, but why can’t they create one at the place where they live. I have planted trees according to my capacity for years.

 I also request and explain to my suppliers to plant trees in their factory surroundings. So far I might have planted around 5000 trees in the last 10 years. I feel happy when I see the trees planted by me grow big.