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Sai Poorna

Founder Of Bitcoin Caffe

A serial entrepreneur , angel investor in startups , Mentor to start ups, and a crypto lover.  He has been an early investor in Cryptos since 2015.  Attended several conferences related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Avid book reader and travelled to 45 countries.  Coached 1200 people so far into crypto investing.


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Sai Poorna


We neglect the society in which we live. There is so much disguise around us especially for the kids. Around 25 years back when I had nothing, I started supporting an orphanage by collecting donations from my known people. And we still support them and connected my suppliers and clients to assist these kids. You don’t have to wait in life to get retired or achieve something and then give back to society; all can go hand in hand. I am glad I started so early and am still associated with this orphanage which is in the name of Samarpan Sansthan in Jaipur.

We have destroyed our earth completely and I feel pity. People now look for destinations or resorts where they can have greenery and natural beauty, but why can’t they create one at the place where they live. I have planted trees according to my capacity for years. I also request and explain to my suppliers to plant trees in their factory surroundings. So far I might have planted around 5000 trees in the last 10 years. I feel happy when I see the trees planted by me grow big.


Companies Started by Sai Poorna

While doing a master’s in business administration tried his luck by doing a partnership with one of his friends to purchase Net2Phone instruments from Singapore and sell them in the domestic market where he lost all his savings. Worked as an office boy in a pharmaceutical export company and stayed in the office day & night and learned tit & bits of international market and exports besides learning how to operate computer and emails.

Sai Poorna learned a lot from his every failure and came up strongly to achieve his desired goal of becoming an entrepreneur and is now heading many companies including Sylvann, Legend Stone Pvt. Ltd., Mosaic Mart & Bitcoin Caffe.


Started in 2004 , specialized in mosaics made of natural stones, glass, metal, ceramic and fusion of all these,  exporting to Europe and US. These mosaics are used in interiors and exteriors, bathrooms , swimming pools etc. They add Vow factor to your interiors.  The design and taste in each country is different and keeps changing year on year, hence we keep adding new designs each year.

Legend Stone Pvt. Ltd.

Started in 2007 in Partnership with an Holland company to supply Lime stones and slates for interiors mainly. After 2008 crisis we had to redefine ourselves into exterior paving stone products and pool copings , exterior wall panels etc. The company still does lime stones for interiors and exteriors exporting to UK, IRELAND, HOLLAND etc.

Mosaic Mart

Mosaic mart was started in 2012 to cater the domestic market with mosaic products that we develop for international market. Now the company is mainly supplying mosaics to international commercial projects like resorts, swimming pool projects and hotels etc.

Bitcoin Caffe

Bitcoin caffe was started in 2017 in order to spread awareness about Bitcoin in India After attending few international conferences and meeting some smart people from the industry. I was confident that Bitcoin will have a huge investment opportunity and wanted more and more Indians should take advantage of this financial revolution. I feel happy that we started Bitcoin caffe ,  today we are able to guide , help and support so many people from across the country with their crypto journey.


Featured In VictoryTales

VictoryTales with its objective to bring more and more meaningful and powerful inspirational stories from around the world to empower and motivate our growing community of entrepreneurs, this time introducing Mr. Sai Poorna Patnaik, Founder of “Sylvann”.

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Featured In Brilliant Read

At BrilliantRead Media, we always strive to bring to our community some of the finest stories from the entrepreneurship world. As part of this endeavour, we invited Sai Poorna for an exclusive interview with us. He is a Business Leader and Co-Owner of Bitcoin Caffe. Let’s learn more about his inspiring journey, background and advice for our growing community!

Why did I get in to Cryptos.

The Very reason I got into cryptos when I heard about it from a friend by end of 2015 is purely because it’s a technology. You should never say no to new technology that’s what I feel. If we look at some technological trends, we can see  some of the  greatest investment opportunities of our life time. These technologies are growing exponentially.  The cost of technology is decreasing while its capacity is geometrically expanding. The best time to pay attention to these technological developments is right now. We are entering into huge paradigm shift in terms of technology, we will come across some amazing opportunities with these WEB3 developments.

This is the first time that some thing like this is giving a great opportunity to a common man to change his life and make some fortune for himself. 

 I have a habit of saying yes to every thing , I start with  small and start studying , learning and connecting people, networking to dig deeper in to the subject.

 I honestly believe that Bitcoin is the biggest invention Human history has seen and it’s a life changing opportunity for a common man struggling with inflation and financial crisis.

What attracted me to Cryptos?

I strongly believe that technology is a hidden asset that every day is compounding its capacity to enrich human life. Technology so far has solved so many problems which actually empowered human life in every aspect. Learning about these technological trends can awaken you to some of the greatest investment opportunities of your lifetime. These technologies are growing exponentially. The time to pay attention to them is now.

Smart people supporting smart money

Cathie Wood

Tyler Winklevoss

Jack Dorsey

Elon Musk

Tim Draper

Mark Cuban

Peter Theil


Raul Pal


Michael Saylor

Ray Dalio

Tone Vays

Sai Poorna


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We strongly believe that crypto is the future and is going to increase in value. Not just us, even CNBC thinks so. Check out their article.

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My Clients said

I have been hearing about Bitcoin since 2017 but never had the courage and clarity about how to invest , whether it is safe etc, etc.I didn’t had investment knowledge in cryptos. Then I came across Bitcoin caffe/ Mr. Sai Poorna and attended few of their webinars and got complete clarity and right direction of how to invest, where to invest and when to invest. Their webinars are very informative and engaging, They have helped me build up my Crypto portfolio which is eventually in Profits. Thanks to Bitcoin Caffe and Sai Poorna for their Knowlege sharing.

Arvind Mehra IT Professional (Gurgaon)

The webinars conducted by Bitcoin cafe and Mr. Sai Poorna are very informative and fundamental, they provide the basic clarity and information of where to invest and when to invest in Crypto, totally worth.

Ankur Bhatnagar IT manager (Noida)

Testimonial from Avinash Verma , Jaipur : I have been hearing about Bitcoin since 2017 but never had the courage and clarity about how to invest , whether it is safe etc, etc. I was also struggling with my finances and I didn’t had financial knowledge when it comes to planning investments. Then I came across Bitcoin caffe and attended few of their webinars and got complete clarity and right direction of how to invest, where to invest and when to invest. His webinars will never boar you, he makes it special and interesting that you will look forward to his webinars. He makes Cryptos simple and easy to understand. Thanks Mr. Sai Poorna

Avinash Verma

I came across the webinars conducted by Bitcoin cafe and Mr. Sai Poorna on Cryptos through one of my friend, I was always interested in working of Cryptos being a tech guy, the Webinars are very informative , fundamental and had technical knowledge too, this eases the decision making whether we should invest in crypto assets, Thanks to the Mr. Sai and Team for making it easy and simple.

Chain Singh Rathore Jaipur